Finally, some purling


I’ve been so focused on this dress that I haven’t written anything about knitting yet. My interests/obsessions tend to fluctuate; I might go on a reading binge and spend all my spare time over several months or week picking up any and every book I can get my hands  on, and then not pick one up for weeks. Knitting’s the same; I get completely preoccupied for months on end, then can’t be bothered to pick up needles until inspiration strikes. Generally I try not to force myself to do anything unless there’s a very good reason, like the project being a present for someone.

I finished a small project I’ve been working on today. Completing a project is the best feeling! This cushion cover is a gift for an old friend and his wife, and I really hope they like it. I also hope they don’t mind the slightly untidy bits. I have to admit that I sometimes lose steam toward the end of projects. Some people knit to create things, and some knit for the process as well as the product. I am definitely the latter and don’t necessarily mind completing things slowly…but that can occasionally mean I’m a bit bored by the end, so the finer details don’t feel like a priority.

The cushion is my own pattern, I guess. I was inspired by the Rowan Cuildorag House Cushion, which is stockinette with colored rows embroidered on afterwards. I chose to just knit in alternate rows of color instead, in the hopes of saving myself a step. The stripes were put in at random (you can probably tell!). I added the plaid vertical stripes afterwards by weaving them in. I’m also quite pleased with the toggles; they were already in my button collection, just waiting for the right piece. The couple getting the cover also have a 1-year-old, so I wanted to make sure any fastenings weren’t too small.


This is the first cushion I’ve knitted, and I think it could be my last if I’m honest. I am reasonably happy with it, but having sewn a cushion previously I was a bit frustrated by how much longer it took to knit one.

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