Pie, pie, pie!


I love pie! I do prefer savoury pies, even though I wasn’t really introduced to the concept (apart from chicken pot pie) until I moved to England about 6 years ago. A couple of weeks ago I was flipping through Waitrose Kitchen Magazine at work when I saw a recipe for sausage, apple and leek pie. I’m normally not a fan of cooked apples, but I still had some windfall Bramleys to use, so I made a mental note of the recipe (it looked so delicious, and I do love leeks).

As always, I took the recipe as a starting point rather than following it to every detail. Do you have the patience to follow recipes to the dot? I didn’t have cider in the house (the sauce is supposed to be a mixture of stock and cider) so I used white wine instead. I also added some sage. I also reduced the amounts, as it was supposed to be 6 servings. The only slight regret I have is not upping the proportion of leeks. Overall, it was delicious! R said it was like eating a really good apple pie with leeks and sausages, but I disagree. The apples weren’t overly sweet at all – the pie was just the right level of sourness with a slight touch of sweetness. I will definitely be making it again.

The pie was topped with rough puff pastry, made using the recipe from one of the Great British Bakeoff cookbooks. While it was okay, Paul and Mary wouldn’t have approved as the bottom half was completely raw! Yuck! It’s such a shame, as the top layers flaked very nicely. I think it’s because I put the pastry on top of steaming filling, so next time I’ll let it rest a bit first. Also, I completely forgot to slice vents in, which might have helped. The nice thing about cooking is that I learn something new every time.


I also treated myself to a new cookbook a couple of weeks ago: Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook. (I say new, but actually I haven’t bought a new book for years. I found it in a charity shop, of course.) It is gorgeous, and really inspiring. Tonight I used her recipe for Brussels sprouts with almonds. They get sauteed with vinegar and chili, then toasted almonds are added in at the end. Mmmmm… There’s also a recipe for cranberry, pecan and toffee pie, which I might try for Thanksgiving.




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