In other news…

Last week was all about Thanksgiving, so I gave little thought to anything except cooking. I even made a menu, budget and schedule! With that level of organisation, how could I find time to think about sewing or knitting? Well, I didn’t, apart from a bit of knitting on the train to/from work.

I am, however, continuing to work on the dress. The bodice is nearly finished now; I’ve finished the darts, sewn it all together, and attached the facings. I’m very pleased to say that I think I solved the fitting issues! I extended the back darts by about an inch and it seems to lay much better now. Fingers crossed that the zip insertion will take up the rest of the excess fabric; I’m fairly confident it will. I’m now in the process of sewing down the facings, which I will do by hand as I don’t think topstitching would suit this pattern and I am not clever enough to figure out understitching yet. The plan is to attempt it using herringbone stitch. A handmade skirt I bought recently has a catch stitch hem, and it’s gorgeous, but I think it will be too fiddly for me right now. Also, I can’t see the point in trying to do a hidden stitch for this, given all of the facings will be quite hard to see when I’m wearing the dress. Am I right to think using hem stitches for this makes the most sense?

Also, while it’s definitely not perfect, can I just say how chuffed I am with some of the seams? So tidy! Suffice it to say there was a lot of pinning and repinning of pieces before I actually sewed. You can see there are two colours there; because of how I’d originally cut the fabric (I forgot about the facings!) I didn’t have enough fabric to do them, so I made them in a darker, complementary fabric which has a similar texture (though I think it’s a bit thinner).


In terms of knitting, I’m currently working on a shawl for my grandmother. I want to finish it quickly, so I’ve chosen a very quick pattern: half-pi, mainly stockinette with rows of eyelets. I’m using some lace wool (pictured in the middle) I bought at the excellent Bristol Wool Fair:


Next I will be knitting a cardigan for a friend’s newborn. I am very overexcited about this one as it has sheep on it and is just so adorable!


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