Christmas makes…

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, whether it’s Christmas you celebrate or something else. Did you all get to spend time with family?

Advent candle. We have one every year, and it’s my favourite Christmas tradition now.

Marie over at A Stitching Odyssey recently wrote about being a gift-making Scrooge, which got me thinking about what kind of gifts I give at Christmas. I would love to make all my gifts, but I definitely don’t! There are always lots of books, CDs and DVDs purchased, as well as random things. This year the gift I was most excited about giving is a rather gorgeous Clarice Cliff vase, which is for my mother-in-law. Though I obviously didn’t make it, it is handpainted, so it’s in keeping with my gift ethos, which has 3 parts and really is all about personalisation:

  • gifts should always make me think of the recipient
  • whenever possible, gifts should be handmade
  • whenever possible, they should be meant to be used, not just looked at! (I am all about practicality.)

I must admit, though, that fewer of my gifts were handmade by me. Another gift I was looking forward to giving was purchased at Arcade Artisans, a shop that provides a place for Gloucestershire artists/makers to sell their work. I bought an adorable cushion with a fire truck for a friend’s baby & I think the whole family loved it!


Things I did make (or am making) included an ornament for R (I make him an ornament every year because I’m a sentimental fool), handkerchiefs for my father-in-law, and a shawl for Oma (haven’t finished this yet).

Handmade embroidered handkerchiefs.


This is probably the tidiest embroidery I’ve ever done.


Christmas also meant that I finally had a bit of down time, so I have done a bit of sewing. I am pleased to say I have basically completed the bodice of my dress, hooray! Now I just need to work on the skirt. Though it involves time-consuming gathering, I am cautiously optimistic I will be done with it soon. In the end I used herringbone stitch to sew down the lining; it worked particularly well as I’d forgotten to zigzag the edges before sewing them down.

Sewn down lining. Maybe not the tidiest ever, but no complaints from me.


I also got to sew a baby vest, which was quick and adorable. Can’t wait to see him wear it!

Adorable, no? It’s actually a lot more blue than this, just making it even cuter.


1 thought on “Christmas makes…”

  1. I’ve never got near making all my Christmas presents unfortunately. This year we’ve bought a lot of edible, drinkable and growable presents for the practicality reason – they’ll always be used!


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