Still learning to sew: finishing the bodice & gathering the skirt

I’m still working on my dress, but am so happy to say the bodice is done. That herringbone stitch to keep the lining in place was pretty time-consuming, though, so I think I’ll investigate one-piece bodice interfacing/linings in future. Is the bodice perfect? Nope! The armholes definitely could be better; they are a bit on the small side and I have allowed some puckering to happen. 😦


Also, I have realised that part of my fitting issues may be to do with the fact that the bottom of the bodice *ahem* isn’t entirely straight.


I know this is a pretty major thing to miss, so I don’t know how I did it! One thing I will definitely need to invest in if I want to continue sewing is something large with a grid on it so I can make sure I’m doing all my cutting with right angles when I need them. Can anyone recommend something?

The only thing now left to do is insert the zip. I will be fitting the zip after the bodice is attached to the skirt. Frankly, I am petrified about putting in a zipper, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it. Sorry there are no pictures of me wearing it at this stage, but because it sits at my natural waist there would be a bit of midriff on show, and I know no one wants to see that.

On to the skirt, which is basically just a large panel gathered to the waist size. Easy, right? Maybe, but there’s a lot of fabric! The pattern calls for 3 yards, plus a lining. I didn’t have that much, so my panel is 2.2m (2.4 yds). Thank goodness, because I have to say I find gathering really tedious. But it does look quite lovely when it’s done, so I guess it’s worth it.




Easily the hardest part of gathering, though, was keeping the gathers in place. They kept sliding around even after I sewed through them the first time. Next time, on general advice, I will do two rounds of basting. But once I joined the bodice to the skirt (!!!), it looked okay, even if it wasn’t quite as evenly gathered as I would’ve liked.



Right, that’s it! Next time I will be writing about the finishing of the dress. Hooray!

2 thoughts on “Still learning to sew: finishing the bodice & gathering the skirt”

  1. Your doing great you have to make mistakes to learn from them. I brought a super large self healing cutting mat that helps me cut straight when needed….its not too expensive either.


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