New year, new goals

Happy new year! I’m a little late for a post about the new year, I suppose, but it has been a very busy start to the year for me, with not much time for reflection.

2014 was a momentous year – I got married and changed my name! Hard to imagine something more dramatic than that happening again until/unless I have children. It was also a great year for many friends, with several getting married, getting pregnant, adopting, or buying houses. That kind of excitement just spreads and gives a nice warm glow to everyone affected, even indirectly.

But to be honest, planning the wedding was pretty all-consuming, and so in some ways the year felt only half-lived. I didn’t do as much crafting as I would’ve liked (though I did knit a dress!), and overall I did hardly any contemplation, and much less reading than I would’ve liked. These things influenced what I’d like this year to be like.

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. There’s too much pressure; they feel false, unrealistic, and designed to lead to disappointment. But I do like setting goals and aspirations, so I have come up with a few things I’d like to do or work towards in 2015:

  • Not buy any clothes:                                                                                                                Honestly, I have enough. I probably waste more money on random clothes than anything else.  At the moment, when I walk into a charity shop, the first thing I look at is clothes. They’re shiny, pretty, flowy…lots of things I love! But as I said, I really don’t need any more. I don’t want to be dominated by my interest in them, so this year is all about getting a bit of self-control back. I’m not entirely ruling buy clothes out if it is really necessary; something might get ruined, etc., and I’m also still going to make clothes. This is more about changing my mindset and continuing to make more things in my life.
  • Support the arts more tangibly:                                                                                                           The arts, particularly poetry and music, played a big part in helping me come to terms with who I am, yet I actually do very little to support them. This year I will change that. I might try to go to more paid-for exhibitions, or pay more for items handmade by artists instead of mass-produced. Other ideas for how I can support them without going broke gratefully accepted!
  • Reflect more:                                                                                                                                             Like I said, this is something I felt I lacked last year. This year I hope to be more mellow and reflect more on my actions and goals.
  • Sew something with sleeves:                                                                                                             Once I’ve mastered this dress, I will need another sewing challenge. Sleeves have always seemed intimidating, so why not go for those?
  • Be kinder to others

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