Last year a friend declared her intent to get an allotment and asked if anyone wanted to help. I hadn’t really heard of allotments until I moved to the U.K., though I have since learned that they are common in other parts of Europe as well (apparently my mum had the equivalent in Hannover decades ago) and are starting to make an appearance in the U.S. in the form of community or urban gardens. In the U.K., a city council sets aside large plots of land, which are divided up into small, medium, and large plots that are then rented by members of the community for a small fee. In the town where I live, the council asks that 75% of the plot is used for edible plants, and the remaining quarter can be used for flowers or open places for hanging out. So of course I said I’d help! My apartment’s lovely, but tiny with no outside space.



We chose our plot late last year. Isn’t it lovely? Part of it will just require a little bit of digging before it’s ready for planting. Other parts of the plot are pretty overgrown, but it’s something to work towards. There’s already a Victoria plum tree, raspberry canes and strawberry beds, hooray! Neither of us have gardening experience, though both of us have parents who are going to be great sources of advice. The plot is also quite central, so we are hoping for lots of random advice from other allotmenteers.

I’m so looking forward to getting growing this year. Hopefully I will be able to make some nice food with our produce. (Or maybe I’m getting overly ambitious…)


Extra allotment bonus: Super friendly allotment cat!


*I recommend singing the title of this blog post to the tune of “Electioneering” for an instant moodlifter.

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