Nutella flapjacks on a cozy weekend


Isn’t the light in this picture beautiful? It was like this for most of the weekend. The weather was glorious winter weather – sunny and crisp, with ice and a very light dusting of snow. I had a very good view of the snow as I visited a friend who lives in the valleys near Stroud; there were lots of little patches in the peaks. It is my favourite area bus ride, though I don’t make the trip very often. We had a very relaxed day looking around the local shops.

The laid back Saturday set me up very nicely for a Sunday which was full of domestic activity. Pork loins were on offer at our local supermarket so I did an unexpected roast; I finished the dress (more on that soon!); did a bit of knitting; and made these flapjacks:


Nom! These were also inspired by a supermarket offer – £3.50 for a giant jar of Nutella. I’ve never tried making flapjacks and was looking for something to use some of the Nutella so I could assuage my guilt for buying such a gigantic jar of the stuff. I was inspired by this PiggyBakes recipe after doing a bit of an Internet browse for recipes. I didn’t have all the ingredients, though, so I used a little bit of maple syrup instead of golden syrup and brown sugar instead of caster. I also added sultanas and toasted almonds.


The hardest part was figuring out what consistency the oats were meant to be after the sugar, syrup, etc had been added. Overall, though, it was really easy. I put one layer of oats, then a layer of Nutella, then another layer of oats. Then it went in the oven for 25 minutes and voila.


The Nutella isn’t that strong, but I don’t mind too much. The syrup gave it a nice crispiness, too. I think I was getting rusty with my baking, so it was nice to be back in the kitchen. Hopefully there will be more over the next couple of weeks.

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