In-between times: a new weekly feature about making the most of commuting

Life between work and home

On average, I spend about 5 hours a week on the train, travelling between the cities where I live and work. At times my commute is awful, I admit, especially when the train is delayed (or occasionally even cancelled). Overall I have come to terms with it pretty well, though. Before I started my curent job, I was commuting about 18 hours per week. Insane! I can’t believe I was willing to do it. The time wasn’t lost, though – I actually knit an entire lace dress on the bus! I found it crucial to make sure I never thought of the time as wasted and still keep that mindset with my shorter commute.

These days I almost look forward to the time that serves as a buffer between work and home, when I have the freedom to stop thinking about obligations. Instead, I knit, read, admire the scenery, or people watch. There’s also a bit of a cycle or walk on either end of the train journey, which extends that time nicely and builds a bit of activity into my day. The travelling is a mundane thing in a way, but I thought I’d share how I use that time in the hope that maybe I can inspire someone else to do the same. Or perhaps you already do? I’d love to hear about how you make your commute bearable.

I’ll do a recap of what I’ve been up to for the past week every Tuesday. It might be a knitting project, or a book, or just thoughts on what I’ve seen. Why Tuesday? Well, I think it’s a really overlooked day. Writing the post will give me something to look forward to. Plus, it works nicely with a Saturday or Sunday post. I also like how it kind of sums up the in-between spirit of the subject matter.

Right, there’s my poor explanation of the concept of this feature! I hope you think it’s an okay idea; I was a little concerned it might be too dull. Stop me if it is!

This week:

I’m knitting: A shawl for Oma


I’ve been working on this for ages, but am finally almost done.You can’t tell from the picture, but there are a ton of stitches on those circular needles! Doing an individual row takes almost a whole trip. I am seriously regretting picking this pattern. I went for a basic stockinette half-pi design because I thought it’d be quick. Alas, it has proven slow and a bit too easy for my taste. Oh well, it’s nearly there. Just a couple more rows, then the edges! I really hope she likes it.

I’m  reading: Acquainted with the night


What better to read during the dark mornings and evenings than a book about night? I’m not very far into this yet, but am enjoying it so far. No doubt there will be more to say on this next week.


One thought on “In-between times: a new weekly feature about making the most of commuting

  1. A time to transtion between work and home is important I think. Commuting by bus or yrain has a set of disadvantages attached to it, but driving yourself would deprive you of knitting/reading time.For me I think running around to get to the yrain when the weather is bad is the big drawback.


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