In-between Tuesday no. 2

Last week, I finally realised that if I don’t face the direction of travel on the train, I get an amazing view of the sunrise over the hills. Most days I get a lovely one as I cross the bridge to work anyway, but as far as I’m concerned, the more sunrises I can see, the better. Sunsets, too! It’s nice that travelling time is at the moment is coinciding with two of my favourite times of the day. My mind has been busy trying to think of comparisons and metaphors for the colours that appear on the horizon. It’s not going well so far – I’ve only seen tangerine, flamingo, neon pink, and peach (but the best part of a peach, the gradient between light and dark on a really ripe one, deep and saturated). I’m lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country.

Knitting on the go:

I’m still working on the shawl for Oma. Ages ago I started increasing and stopped counting stitches, as it was such a simple pattern. I now think that might have been a mistake. Last week I finally counted them as I was knitting a row – nearly 1200 stitches! Eek! It’s no wonder this is taking such a long time. There are about 2 1/2 rows to go, so I will finish in the next couple of days. I’m now in the edging, which is called a simple peasant ruffle.  I think it really suits the occasional eyelet rows that appear throughout the shawl. Time to start thinking about my next project…


Reading on the go:

I’m also still in the middle of Acquainted with the Night. So far it has been full of interesting information and a reasonably good writing style, but I still haven’t decided if I like it. Facts seem to be stuck in quite flippantly; there’s a bibliography (thank goodness!), but some statements seem a little dubious. Obviously I like it enough to keep reading, though, so I guess that can only be a good thing. It’s best to reserve judgment on books until the end. It’s nice to be reading nonfiction, too.

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