Using up leftovers: Roast pork, potato and leek tart

Yup, true to form, I’m back with another tart. I just can’t resist them.

This particular tart was brought about by leftover roast pork. I think I mentioned before that I recently bought a large pork roast, and as I can be quite economical with food, we got about 4 meals out of it. But sometimes I get a bit tired of the standard pork stir fries, pasta with pork & veg, and curries. Unsurprisingly, I turned to The Art of the Tart for inspiration, and it didn’t let me down. I found a recipe for a potato, leek and oatmeal tart, which seemed like it would go well with pork. The oatmeal, it turns out, comes in in the pastry, not the filling. Essentially the original recipe is oatmeal pastry filled with layers of cooked leeks, potato and cheese, with thyme as the main seasoning.

Fresh thyme is one of my favourite herbs, but I am really not a fan of the dried version. As I didn’t have access to fresh thyme I decided to replace it with tarragon. Tarragon’s usually described as similar to anise or licorice, but I am convinced there’s more to it than that. For one thing, I hate both anise and licorice, but love tarragon, especially with cream sauces and delicate flavours. It adds such nice depth to food.

I sauted the leeks in butter with tarragon, salt and pepper; while they were sauteing, I blind-baked the pastry crust I had made ahead of time. I always think it’s best to sautee leeks slowly; the flavours seem to develop better. Plus, the longer the fantastic smell lasts, the better! Potatoes were also boiling at the same time. I used baby potatoes, but to be honest, I think you can use any kind. I let them boil almost completely, then drained and sliced them. On another countertop, I grated some cheddar cheese.



The pastry turned out well, very thin and with a nice texture because of the oatmeal.

Once everything was cooked, it was just a matter of layering. I ordered them like this: leeks, potatoes, cheese, pork, potatoes, then more cheese.


A combination of one egg and 350 mL of milk served as a binding agent for the tart. 45 minutes in the oven at 180 (350), and it was done. So yummy! I served it with a bacon, avocado and rocket salad (with a mustardy sauce to go with it), and had the leftovers as lunch until Wednesday. It was a treat having something besides a sandwich during the week.


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