Happy National Libraries Day!

If you live in the UK, I hope you know today is National Libraries Day and supported your local library in some way. Libraries have been under threat for quite a while now, so it’s crucial that we use opportunities like National Libraries Day to celebrate them and keep them in people’s minds. Public libraries get talked about the most in terms of services being at risk. Given the tremendous influence public libraries have on literacy and love of reading, this seems only fair. But it is worth knowing that in fact academic and specialist libraries (museum libraries, for example) are facing huge cuts, too, so don’t forget about them when you share your library love! I can’t imagine what the world would be like without libraries (public and academic). Libraries, and the information they manage, do loads to spark creativity and innovation, so I think a world without them would be dull and full of people who think inside the lines. Go visit your library and get inspired soon!

To celebrate the day, I headed down to my local library, which had been yarnbombed (or craftbombed) in honor of the occasion. Does this heart look familiar?


There were lots of other pretty decorations as well:


Isn’t this needlefelted heart beautiful?




A few kids were playing with the decorations, which was really sweet, and the library was quite busy. Though there were only children’s events on, it was encouraging to see lots of adults there as well. Not all of them were on the Internet like you might expect, either. Quite a few were in the reference section. Unsurprisingly, there were a fair few grown ups in the children’s library with their kids, too. The library very cleverly took advantage of this and had a quick choice section with fiction. I think this is a great idea, as so many people bring their children to the library, but forget libraries are for grown-ups, too.

I also spotted these great little books in the library, tucked away with fake shelfmarks on them. Don’t worry, I left them for others to enjoy. 🙂 One’s in the regular library, and one’s in the children’s library. You can find out more about the Library A to Z book & project here: http://libraryatoz.org/.



So did you make it down to your library today? What was the best thing you found or saw?

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