Wednesday Yarn-along


This week’s reading and knitting are quite relaxed. Work’s pretty full-on at the moment, so I just want to work on quick projects and escape a bit with my books.

I’m reading: The Wind in the Willows

I don’t think I read The Wind in the Willows as I child. I suppose I may have, but I certainly don’t remember it. Shocking! I spotted it on the shelf at the local Oxfam bookshop where I volunteer & borrowed it to decide if I want to buy it (that’s one of the perks of  being a volunteer!). Days are getting longer, and this makes a nice read on the train in the dusky light. Rat & Mole have just met Mr Badger, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next!

I’m knitting: a hat

A colleague gave me about 8 balls of gorgeous bulky Icelandic wool several months ago, but I hadn’t used any of it until now. Though I like the look of bulky yarn, I rarely use it. However, as I was in the mood for something quick, this seemed like the right time to get started. I chose to start with the red, and am going to make this herringbone hat. You can’t go wrong with a red hat, can you?

Don’t forget to visit Ginny’s page for more literary and fibrous joy. 🙂

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