Wednesday Yarn-along 18 Feb

This week’s entry is going to be quick and brief. R and I are selling a ton of stuff on eBay to raise money toward a house deposit, so the next couple of weeks are going to involve a lot of typing and addressing post. I’ll try to post over the weekend as usual, but Pastry & Purls will need to take a bit of a backseat while I focus on this.

Granta Books
Image taken from Granta Books website:

What I’m reading: The Virtues of the Table: How to Eat & Think, by Julian Baggini

Yes, this is a book about the philosophy of food, written by a philosoher. Man, that sounds pretentious! This book wasn’t a particularly deliberate choice – I spotted the spine in the library and was intrigued. When I looked at the cover, I realised that I’d seen Baggini give an introduction to a film in Bristol a few years ago. He was a good speaker, and it turns out he is also a good writer. I’m not very far into this book. However, I’m already impressed by the clarity of the writing and the way he has integrated research into it. I am really not a lover of philosophy generally speaking, so I also appreciate the way he firmly ties philosophical theory to practical application (in relation to food, of course). Fingers crossed it stays good all the way through.

What I’m knitting: —

I’m cheating by doing a yarn-along, I guess, because I’m actually between projects. I sewed up my hat today and am still deciding on my next project. There’s a lace jumper I’ve had my eye on for a few years now, and I think it might finally be time to attempt it.


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