Skirting the issue

It’s been a while since I’ve sewn. It’s not for lack of desire, but things seem to keep going wrong. My plan was to make a circle skirt out of that beautiful green fabric I blogged about. But I’m not quite brave enough to draft my own pattern yet, and all the circle skirt patterns I have were too long for the fabric (which is only 90cm wide). I then realised that maybe I didn’t need a full circle skirt. Mostly I want something with a bit of swing and a bit of swirl. It turns out I have the perfect skirt to base my pattern on – a vintage skirt I bought years ago and wore until I ruined the lining. Eventually I’ll get around to replacing it! In the meantime, isn’t it the perfect fit? I’ve decided to be brave and try copying it using tracing paper. Do you have any tips for basing patterns on existing garments? I think this one is pretty simple, so I am not too worried.



Isn’t the fabric on that original skirt gorgeous? I can’t wait to get the lining sorted so I can wear it again. It’s even nicer to think that eventually I’ll get a second skirt made out of it.

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