Vintage finds and an update on the Vintage Pledge (wip)

This weekend was set aside for sewing, but an upcoming flat inspection and a lovely unexpected Sunday afternoon date scuppered my plans. Ah, well! On Sunday we went to a few charity shops; there weren’t many open, but a couple of charity bookshops were. I bought a book published by Persephone Books purely on the strength of Lizzie‘s recommendation. It won’t be happy reading as it’s a diary by a Dutch Jew during the Holocaust, but I’m sure it will be worthwhile.

On a happier note, I also found a couple more vintage patterns – one sewing, one knitting. P1010524

I’ve never bought a children’s pattern, but this jacket was too adorable to pass up. Lots of my friends have started having kids now, so an occasion is bound to arise at some point. 🙂 The knitting pattern is a 50s pattern; I just love the colouring on this. The zigzags are quite stylish, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up making this at some point this year.

While I didn’t get much sewing done, I am pleased to say that I finally found the right fabric for my vintage pledge dress. It’s a black & white viscose, and is just right for the pattern (even if the pattern does recommend crepe and doesn’t mention viscose at all).


I am ever so slightly nervous about sewing with a stretchy, slinky fabric. To prepare, I am doing a muslin with some cheap black fabric I bought at a market ages ago. It’s lighter than the viscose, but it is similarly stretchy and slinky. I only have enough to do the bodice, but that’s the bit I’m most worried about!

Do you have any tips for working with viscose? Is it really as difficult as people say?

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