A good (Friday) birthday

Easter’s one of my favourite holidays, not least because it often coincides with my birthday. This year my birthday happened to fall on Good Friday, so I had the day off. To celebrate I decided to have a lunchtime picnic. Unfortunately the weather was poor, and several friends had gone home to visit family, but I persevered and held it in my flat for those who were able to come. It was a small but perfectly formed group. I bought lots of flowers to bring the outside in (sadly I don’t have a garden, so I couldn’t use my own flowers). It was also a great excuse to use some of my vintage crockery, which I have a terrible weakness for!




I have a few go-to foods when I want to make an impression but don’t want to do a lot of work. Quiche is one of them. If you can make pastry, quiche is a breeze; if you can’t, you can always buy readymade pastry. 😉 For this picnic I made leek, roasted red pepper, and feta quiche. I pre-cooked the leeks, then put them in the bottom of a blind-baked crust and layered roasted red peppers (the kind preserved in vinegar, though freshly roasted would be delicious) and feta cheese. I beat 6 eggs with milk, seasoned with salt and pepper, and poured the mixture over the filling. Then it just needed to be baked at 180 for 45 minutes. It was delicious and moist! I made tomato & onion salad to go with it, and also plated up roasted red peppers, smoked salmon, and cucumber with creme fraiche.



And what birthday is complete without a cake? I made The English Kitchen’s lemon yoghurt cake, which is another one of those go-to recipes for me. It’s never gone wrong yet! This time I made some raspberry compote to go with it.




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