Newcastle & a new piece of art


Last week was a little out of the ordinary, as I travelled up to Newcastle for work. Of course I didn’t spend much time in the city, but I did dash into a few places and went for a walking tour. The bridges were so beautiful in person! I was impressed by the mix of architecture; there were many Georgian buildings, and for once I liked a 1960s building. The Civic Centre was built in 1967, and even has a proper powder room with mirrored walls and chrome stools. Visiting there was like going back in time; I loved it! The Newcastle Literary and Philosophical Library was of a different era but equally stunning. If you are into libraries or 18th century architecture, it’s a must-see. It’s also right next to where Hadrian’s Wall used to run, which I think adds to its charm.

Thomas Bewick, one of my favourite engravers, was from Newcastle. Bewick’s most famous for his engravings of birds; Jane Eyre was given a copy of Bewick’s Birds by her cousin. He captured an exceptional level of detail in his woodcuts, and I could happily spend hours looking at them. When the site of his former workshop was pointed out on the walking tour, I was thrilled! I popped into the Laing Art Gallery on another day and spotted that they were selling prints from woodblocks from Bewick’s workshop. Choosing one was so hard, but in the end I went for this image of a tree blowing in the wind. Isn’t it beautiful? I can’t wait to find a frame for it.


Below are a few of my favourite pictures from the trip. Have you been to Newcastle? What should I go see if I ever get to go back?

Pivot bridge, Newcastle
My favourite bridge, the pivot bridge.


The Ship Inn, next to Seven Stories. How could I resist taking a picture of this?


Definitely my favourite poster!


Newcastle busker
Darth Vader busking (playing The Beatles).


Grainger Market. I was so impressed with it; if you live nearby, make sure you check it out!


A local church.


Vampire bunny? On an office building behind St. Nicholas’ Cathedral.


The blue plaque commemorating Thomas Bewick’s workshop! So exciting!


A beautiful Burne Jones in the Laing Art Gallery.


The Literary & Philosophical Library.


Could this be the best office door ever? Lit & Phil Library again.



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