Getting to the point

The unexpected challenge of Simplicity 5728 so far has been the point where the midriff comes up between the two pieces of the bodices. In my sewing naivete, it didn’t occur to me that sewing a pointed seam where three pieces meet might be kind of tricky. More advanced sewers probably think this is easy, but I have to admit I’m really struggling with it.

After watching a few videos (including quilting videos!) on YouTube, and sewing a few practice pieces, I think I might finally have gotten the hang of it. Here are my attempts,   from worst to best. I forgot to take a picture of the back, but I’ve captioned them with a description of what I did:

The worst. I had read that I was supposed to pivot with the needle down. That meant I couldn’t move any of the fabric, so it got sewn in. What a mess!


A little bit better. I sewed past the point where I was supposed to, though. I snipped into both layers of fabric, which reduced the amount of fabric I sewed over, but as you can see it still left a bubble.


This time I stitched the two pieces together at the point where the two seam allowances met before I started sewing the seams. There was a lot less slipping around, and the way I had snipped only the top piece also meant that getting the excess fabric out of the way before sewing the second angle. I think this looks pretty good!


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