Down at the plot

I made my first evening trip to the allotment tonight. It was a challenge making myself go, but it helped that my friend and I had something particular to do – plant beans and peas! It’s a small thing, but it was so exciting. The allotment on a quiet evening is quite different from what it’s like on the weekend. We have the best allotment neighbors, though; one of them who’s very experienced helped us set up the tee-pee for the beans to grow up. The ones we’ve planted are yellow French beans, though we have other beans germinating. Plus, our neighbor gave us some of his spares.

Overall, things are looking good. We keep digging over more areas to plant, and what we’ve already put in is starting to grow. I forgot my camera tonight, but took these pictures on Saturday. How is your garden growing?

We dug up a lot of weeds!


Not going to lie, I am pretty proud of our potatoes.


More carrots are starting to come through.


The beets are coming up as well, though I don’t think they’re particularly strong.


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