More adventures in Hay

Morning light outside the tent. Glorious.


Yesterday I posted about my experience at Hay Festival. I hope it persuaded you to go next year! Hay’s gorgeous, and there’s a fantastic vibe of learning and excitement at the festival.

On Sunday, we didn’t go to the festival site at all for fear that my other half would get sucked into work. That was the only thing we didn’t want to happen on our 1st anniversary! Instead, we wandered through the village of Hay and took a walk in the rolling countryside in search of a pub.


Almshouse window.


Shepherd’s ice cream in front of Murder & Mayhem, a murder mystery bookshop. I had hazelnut and peanut butter & chocolate.


Booth’s Bookshop. Easily the best shop window in town!




Dappled view of the Wye River.


More sheep. This area was open grazing.

We didn’t manage to find that country pub, having gotten lost after a couple of hours. But when we visited the Poetry Bookshop (where we bought my anniversary present, a volume of Elizabeth Bishop’s letters), the owners were so friendly that we decided to ask for a restaurant recommendation. They suggested the Old Black Lion. I had a starter of pickled herring, then pig cheek with barbecue sauce, and he had guinea fowl. I would just like to publicly declare that the barbecue sauce is the best I’ve ever had in the UK. I am kind of a barbecue snob, but it was amazing! I wish I could have bought a bottle of it.


We also spotted Rule of Tum, a burger place, and went back to visit that the next night. It was equally delicious – and the chips were rosemary salted, crispy, and yummy! I also had the best falafel burger ever. They’re usually based in Hereford, so do pop by if you get a chance.

Amazing book art.


Cow parsley. 🙂

Overall, it was extra nice to spend our anniversary somewhere that already had some memories for us. We revisited some (like the ice cream) but made lots of new ones. Do you prefer going to new places or revisiting favourites?

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