Vintage threads


A few weeks ago, we went around the charity shops in Gloucester. A few shops in particular consistently have good vintage items. I bought two of my favourite vintage items in the Salvation Army, for example. Finding vintage haberdashery items in any charity shops can be a challenge, but I got lucky during this trip. Isn’t this thread beautiful? I bought all of these, plus a few other modern cottons, for £2. I just can’t get over how vibrant they are!


I’m not sure when they’re from, but I think it’s between the 60s-70s. The best thing about them is definitely their names – bright navy, light kingfisher, venetian red, light reseda, lagoon blue, dark petunia, Napoleon. They’re so evocative. I think it adds another lovely detail to homemade items, to be able to describe the colour so nicely.

I can’t wait to use these! A colleague asked if I planned to display them, but I am eminently practical and try not to buy things that don’t serve a purpose. Are you the same? Would you use them or just show them off?

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