New vintage stash additions


Last month, Kerry over at Kestrel Makes shared a great post on stashes & consumption. It’s a topic that really deserves its own post, and I am working on one at the moment. But I will say that, as someone who hates spending money, it isn’t a huge problem for me yet (at least when it comes to fabric; yarn is a different matter!). I almost only buy fabric when it inspires me to make something in particular.

My willpower when it comes to saving money seems to be significantly lower when I’m on holiday. Evidence: I bought all this when I was visiting Hay. I only bought the red floral fabric and the cornflower blue yarn in Hay itself, though; the rest of it came from a shop in Hereford. The shop’s Rose-Tinted Rags, and as well as selling vintage textiles and haberdashery items, it’s a charity that teaches people to sew. If you’re ever in the area, make sure you stop by. This time when I went in, I walked straight into a group of women sewing outlandish bras and having a great time. Just the right atmosphere, I think! Everyone’s very friendly and helpful, too, without being suffocating at all.

There are 4 rooms of vintage treasures, including patterns, and this time these were the ones I couldn’t resist. Though it looks like a lot, I’m very pleased that everything in these pictures came to just over £25. I think that’s pretty reasonable, don’t you?


The red floral fabric is about 1.5 m2 (slightly longer than it is wide) and it is the one exception to my usual rule of knowing what I want to do with fabric. It is actually a little more twee than what I usually go for. Do you think a shift dress would work? I think a skirt wouldn’t really.

There are nearly two metres of the vertically striped yellow fabric, and I think it would make a really lovely shirtdress. I’m not sure there’s quite enough of it, though, as it is quite narrow. Lots of my friends are having children at the moment, though, so I will use this to make something adorable for a baby if I don’t have enough for a dress.

The blue striped fabric is a knit, and was quite inexpensive. I thought I’d buy it for when I’m ready to branch out into sewing with knits. It’s a good all-purpose fabric, but at the moment I am thinking it’d make a great pair of summer pajamas. It’s 60″ by 2 metres, so there really is quite a lot!

In the back, that raspberry-coloured fabric is Scottish wool, a skirt kit from (I think) the 1960s. I was so pleased to see it, as I’d spotted one in a very unfortunate colour at a local charity shop a few weeks before & had been wanting one.


My favourite, though, is this gauzy fabric with squares of blue, grey and white thread. I am very sure it was intended to be used as a curtain, but I really hope there is enough to make a lined dress! I think it is absolutely perfect for a breezy summer dress with cap sleeves. I just need to decide whether I want the lining to contrast or similar (blue or white?).

Finally, I found my first blouse pattern! It’s a 60s pattern and has a button-back. It looks quite straightforward, so I will hopefully get around to making it this year so I can count it as part of my vintage pledge.

Any better suggestions on what I can make with these fabrics?

1 thought on “New vintage stash additions”

  1. Thanks for your link to my post. Like the sound of the patterns and you made some great fabric finds too. The gauzy fabric would look lovely with blue under it, I think


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