Vintage pledge: first item done!


A couple of weeks ago, I finally managed to complete my first item for the vintage pledge! I am really pleased with it (though I am less pleased with the fact that it isn’t Simplicity 5728, which is still underway). My vintage pledge isn’t just about vintage patterns; I said I would sew 3 items using either vintage patterns or vintage fabric. This playmat/baby blanket uses vintage fabric from 1982 and has a back made from fleece.


I spotted this fabric while I was browsing eBay one night. I put it in my watch list and tried to forget about it, as it seemed quite expensive. Alas, that plan didn’t work; I was still thinking about it when a good friend had her first baby. As the fabric’s very whimsical & had actually made me think of said friend straightaway, I decided to go for it. What a good decision!


The print was on a bigger scale than I’d anticipated, so the idea of making it a playmat came to me when it arrived. The playmat is 120 cm square and used most of the fabric.

I followed Purl Bee’s instructions for a playmat. Some medium-weight batting was cut to size, then the fleece was laid on top of that, then the vintage fabric went facedown on that. It was quite straightforward, really. I was really nervous about sewing the batting, but that was mostly okay. To minimise the chance of my machine accidentally eating the batting, I put the fabric on the bottom and the batting on the top. It only caught on my foot a couple of times.


Once I had sewn the majority of it, I turned it right side out and handsewed the rest. I am pretty chuffed with my handsewing on this! I think the fleece did a brilliant job of hiding the thread. 🙂


Instead of leaving it as just a plain mat, I made a strap with Velcro sewn on so it could be rolled up like a sleeping bag. This bit really wasn’t perfect; I found it really hard to judge where to put the Velcro, and it ended up being too tight. It still works, though, which is the most important thing.


Ta-dah! The one thing I haven’t taken a picture of is the baby’s name embroidered on the fleece. Little touches make all the difference for gifts, don’t they?

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