Simplicity 5728 progress & setbacks

I’ve been working on my dress again this past week, and have started cutting into the fabric. It’s pretty exciting! It’s time consuming as I am cutting each piece out individually rather than doubling the fabric. The risk of stretching & getting uneven pieces just wasn’t worth it to me, thouh.

So far I’ve cut out the back panels, the midriff piece, and half of the skirt pieces. But as you can see, I’m running out of fabric. I made a couple of crucial errors – I started cutting before I washed the fabric, and I also didn’t lay out all the pieces before I started cutting. Rookie errors, I know. The problem is that I have enough for two skirt pieces and one sleeve, but not quite enough for both sleeves. So what do I do? I think this dress would look strange with 3/4 sleeves. Do you think it’d be too obvious if I sewed pieces together to make it long enough? I think there’s enough fabric overall, but not in the direction I need it.


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