Sauteed potatoes & mushrooms – with homegrown potatoes!

I can now say I’ve had the pleasure of eating something I’ve grown myself, and it tasted delicious! There were about two hours between when we pulled them out of the ground and when I started cooking them.


As you can imagine, I wanted to make something plain that would really showcase the flavour of the potatoes. I’d planned to make chicken that night and thought sauteed potatoes would go really well. They’re also quick, always a good thing.

The potatoes looked beautiful after I’d scrubbed the dirt off them. The skin was paper-thin and lots of it came off as I scrubbed. I think that was actually a shame, as I do like the extra crunch you get with potato skin.


I then cut the potatoes into quarters and sliced each of them.


They were then sauteed with salt and pepper in a pan over medium-high heat until they were cooked (i.e. translucent and slightly soft to the touch.). Then the mushrooms were added, along with some paprika.


Once the mushrooms were cooked, I turned up the heat to make it all a little crispy. P1020175

It wasn’t perfect; the pan was overcrowded, so it didn’t all get as crispy as I would’ve like. Nonetheless, I think it’s one of the best dishes I’ve eaten šŸ™‚


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