Reading around the web

Most weeks I don’t feel like I have time to read on the web; I go to my Bloglovin digest, read my favourites and move on. It seems a shame, as one of my favorite things about the internet is its rabbit hole possibilities. Other people seem to manage it – lately I’ve been loving Reads and Recipe’s Links of the Week, and Elise also shares what she’s been reading most weeks.But having been inspired by Louise, Elise, and the other bloggers who seem to find such interesting reading around the web, I thought I would share some of the pieces I decided were worth spending my time reading or looking at.

Something fun:

Louise shared these paper collage writers’ houses by artist Amanda White. They are so charming, and the colours and papers she has chosen for each piece set the tone perfectly every time. Amanda says on her website that they might become addictive for her: “Writers’ houses seem to have taken over my creative life right now and for the foreseeable future. They satisfy my cravings for England, my love of books and writers, my passion for architecture and landscape and my finickety interest in historical research (which probably dates back to my theatre design training all those years ago). And the means – recycling old magazines – allows me to indulge my overriding fondness for pattern.” I hope so! I for one will be adding the calendar to my Christmas list.

Something serious:

I just found out about The Semicolon Project, an initiative to provide hope to those suffering from depression and suicidal impulses. Depression has been a recurring theme in my life and many of those I love, so I am always behind movements to prevent, treat, and raise awareness for it.

This piece in The Guardian about cycling and the anger it can induce was really thought-provoking. It’s about why cycling seems to upset drivers and how this might start to be addressed.

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