Down at the plot: more results (and weeds)


The weather has been continuing to alternate between hot and rainy, which means that lots is still happening down at the allotment. Top among them is ongoing visits from the allotment cat. Things are getting very exciting in regard to our plants as well, and my friend and I may have squealed with delight quite a lot during our last visit. During our last visit, there was also a tiny thunderstorm which I loved! Also, we now know that we can fit into our shed together, albeit uncomfortably, if we need to


Before it started raining, we did get a lot done. We dug up the rest of our Rocket potatoes. I can attest to these being a great variety, as we got loads out of our 3 rows.



We checked on our plum tree, which seems to be suffering in spite of bearing fruit. My mum’s suggested these might be scars from the fruit getting nibbled on when they were smaller. Any alternative suggestions?


We discovered that our beans are starting to produce.



And so is our courgette. My friend took home the first one. Apparently it was delicious!


Finally, our onions are zooming along. We planted them from seed rather than baby onions, so they are further behind some other onions in the allotment, but they are really growing quickly now.


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