Yarn-along no. 13

It’s been a great week for knitting and reading. In preparation for our upcoming holiday, I read Finn Family Moomintroll for the first time ever and picked out my holiday knitting project. Finn Family Moomintroll was quite short, so I’m already on to the next book, hooray!

What I’m reading: Un Lun Dun, by China Mieville


If you cross The Phantom Tollbooth with Neverwhere or Mirrormask and maybe Alice in Wonderland, you’ll get an idea of what Un Lun Dun is like. It’s a classic quest story with a great teenage heroine who needs to rescue a city in an alternative. If you couldn’t guess by my comparisons, I think it’s great. It is clever and witty, and I am laughing a lot. How can you not when one of the companions is a pet milk carton named Curdle? I’ve only read one other of Mieville’s books, The City & The City, which was brilliant and detailed to the same level as Un Lun Dun. I think Mieville might on his way to becoming a favourite author.

What I’m knitting: Vintage striped sweater

This cool pattern is in Stitchcraft April 1947. I love the diagonal pockets, though I am going to put them below my bust to avoid awkwardness. Hopefully this will be a quick knit and I can finish it while I’m on holiday. I’m also going to count it toward my vintage pledge.



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7 thoughts on “Yarn-along no. 13”

  1. Yeah, those arrow pockets do have a kind of awkward placement. You’d think that surely occurred to someone back in 1947. And then, doesn’t that make one wonder about the thought process from that point on? lol

    Cute sweater, otherwise! :^)


    1. Thanks. 🙂 I’ve only knitted a couple of scarves, because I get a bit bored with them. The trick to doing fancy knitting is just to find a pattern you can’t live without & then plunge right in, I think.


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