Courgette & beet greens risotto

Growing my own food is still very exciting at the moment. This week I didn’t have to buy any veg, and what I did eat was delicious. I really enjoyed finding ways to use as much of it as possible. I only learned about a year ago that you could eat the greens on beets (though, no, I can’t tell you why it took me that long to work it out). Using them with the massive courgette in a risotto seemed like a great idea. As you may be able to tell, I had it with salmon (though as you can also tell, I am not good at cooking fish!).


I started the risotto as usual, sauteeing the uncooked rice for a couple of minutes before adding a little bit of white wine and vegetable stock. In the meantime, I chopped up the courgette into quarters.


I also washed the beet leaves, then roughly chopped them.


I added the courgette first, because I know beet leaves taste a bit like spinach and, for me, don’t taste brilliant if they’re cooked for a long time.


When the rice was nearly cooked, I added the beet leaves. I then finished cooking the rice as per a normal risotto, then removed it from heat and added a little bit of shredded cheese.

All in all it was pretty tasty & I would recommend it!

Have you been doing any creative cooking lately?

1 thought on “Courgette & beet greens risotto”

  1. I have loads of veggies too and just planted a row of carrots and one of peas again yesterday and it conveniently rained on that last night :). Some more green beans and cauliflowers (in a few weeks when they get big enough) to follow.
    I made cold cucumber soup for the first time ever, and it is interesting. I consider it a cucumber smoothie, very much dairy first, cucumber second. Also made roll ups with (store bought) flatbread, imitation crabmeat salad and all kinds of crunchies cut into sticks, along with potato salad, all from the garden 🙂
    planning to can pickles and salsa this weekend.
    Loads of pumpkins coming on, have to figure out something to do with at least some of them. Love pumpkin pie filling, not so big on eating though as a vegetable. too sweet.


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