Down at the plot: a closer look

As the weeds slowly take over our plot, we are realising we should have planted a lot more veg this year. There is just too much surface available to them now that our crops are slowing down. At the moment we are winning our battles against weeds, though the war is clearly going to continue for a long time! 1/3 of our plot is still a wilderness that we’re going to tame over this fall and winter.

Yesterday I planted spring cabbages and cauliflower, so that part of the plot looks beautifully fresh & tidy. I’m being lazy & not going back today, though a benefit of working part time is that I’ll get to go tomorrow when most people are at work.

While I’m waiting for those to get going, I thought I’d share some pretty pictures because, in spite of the mess, it is still a lovely place to visit. I love it, especially the wild patch. There are always bees and interesting things on that side of the plot.

Carrot. As you can see, we did have a little carrotfly, but not too much.
Red cabbage. If this isn’t ready for Thanksgiving, I’m going to be very upset.
Big red onion.
Wild patch under our plum tree.




Baby Swiss chard, Rainbow Lights. Ignore the weeds. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Down at the plot: a closer look”

  1. I’ve only just found your blog, but I love it. This year I’m hoping that blogging regular allotment updates will keep me focused down at the plot!


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