When it all goes wrong…

…what do you do? That’s not a theoretical question – all three of my last knitting/sewing projects have gone awfully, horribly wrong. So wrong that, unusually, I am not sure I will share pictures! So now you know the level of seriousness we’re talking about, because I’ve always intended this blog to be a place to share failures as well as successes (because both can be encouraging in very different ways to different people).

Simplicity 5728 just hasn’t worked. I’ve yet to finish the sleeves, but because of the construction, I’ve already been able to try it on and discover that it doesn’t fit. This pattern, unlike the first dress I made, calls for you to make the front and the back, then sew them together along the side seams. I found this really frustrating, as it meant I wasn’t able to fully try on the bodice in advance & therefore couldn’t spot any of the badly fitting areas before trying on the whole dress. Given that there are 5 pieces in the bodice, it is hardly surprising that something went wrong. Now I have to decide whether to rip it all out and start again, or just to abandon the dress. In spite of the awful fit, the fabric feels lovely, so at the moment I’m inclined to set it aside for a long time, then tackle it again. I guess I should take this as a sign that if I don’t enjoy making something, it probably won’t work out.

I then decided to have a go at something simpler. This wrap skirt is another 1970s pattern. It all went quite well until I got to the waistband and discovered that the tie ends were much too thick for tying. I will probably have another go, trimming my seams more, but it was quite discouraging. I also discovered that actually, a skirt with giant front pockets is not the most flattering piece for someone with (proportionally huge) hips like mine. So, yes, I am tempted to give this one up as well.

To complete my trilogy of disasters, the lovely vintage jumper I’ve been knitting is finished, and it is definitely the worst thing I’ve ever knitted. The fit is perfect at the waist, but it is probably 6-8 inches too big at the bust. The shoulder seams are also 2-3 inches too wide. Ordinarily, I would try to do something clever when sewing it up, but in this case the errors are much too drastic. This will definitely be a case of frogging and trying again from scratch. 😦 It might not be for a little while, though, given that I really didn’t enjoy knitting it.

Any tips on getting through this rough patch? I am already sewing something else in hopes that I’ll be able to break the curse, but any advice is welcome!

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