Is it already Wednesday? Time really has been flying lately.


What I’m reading: Tracks, by Robyn Davidson

This is a book I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of reading on my own. It was recommended to me by a colleague from Australia; this is one of her favourite books, apparently. It’s a memoir of Robyn’s travels across the Western Australia deserts with only camels and a dog for company. What a journey! However, I’m not to that part of the story yet. Unusually for a book about a journey, Robyn is spending a lot of time writing about how she prepared. She spent years working on farms, learning how to handle camels. The book is very well-written, and it’s great to be learning about a country I don’t know at all.

What I’m knitting

Okay, I’m cheating again this week. I’m still working on that shawl. However, I also want to make a pair of gloves for myself. I’ve had this wool & nettle blend yarn in my stash for several years and bought it intending to make fair isle gloves. Isn’t it a lovely color combination? I still need to find a pattern, though. I quite like this Susan Crawford pattern, but I think my wool might be too chunky. Do you have any favourites?

Linking up with the yarn-along.

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