A lazy Sunday


I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. I must say it’s been quite a nice one for me. Today I decided to take a much-needed break. Sometimes when life is busy, all you need is a day at home in your pajamas to feel a little more human again. Given the autumnal weather, today seemed like the ideal time to do just that.


It’s been ages since I’ve had a chance to spend the day entirely at home. Frankly, it is my idea of bliss as a lifelong homebody. I did have to clean in the morning (sigh), but the rest of the was all about me as R was at work and headed to the pub afterwards. I put some chili on (and some vegetarian chili, too, for a friend who’s visiting tomorrow) and let it simmer for most of the afternoon while I watched the box set of Black Books and knitted. Later in the evening I also made some bread in the bread machine and roasted a squash. Not only was it incredibly relaxing, but it also smelled lovely. 🙂


The day left me feeling more relaxed than I have in weeks. I’ve even started to let myself daydream about house decor in spite of the fact that the househunting process is still super stressful.

What’s your idea of the perfect weekend? Do you like a lazy day at home as much as I do?


1 thought on “A lazy Sunday”

  1. I like lazy days at home too! The slowness and easiness of things are very rejuvenating 🙂 Reading a book or watching cartoons wrapped up in a warm blanket with a cup of tee or coffee are my absolute favourites 🙂


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