A year of Pastry & Purls


On Monday WordPress reminded me that I published my first post on Pastry & Purls a year ago. I can’t believe I’ve managed to keep it up for so long! To be honest, I thought I’d lose steam after a few months, but I’m still enjoying it. It’s nice to have a space to write about my favorite things. I also started Pastry & Purls so that I would have a handy place to keep track of the stuff I make (sewing, knitting, baking & cooking).

I’ve not managed to achieve everything I would’ve liked here, though. I was hoping it would end up being useful or interesting to other people as well as me, but I think I have a little way to go before that happens! It’s lovely to know that people are reading it, though, so thank you so much to those of you who have commented in this past year! I hope to hear more from you over the next year. 🙂 I am definitely planning to keep it going. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The blogging community is inspiring. It’s full of cool people who are brave enough to share their thoughts and projects, regardless of whether they’re finished or not. Keeping my own blog is an easy way to keep me motivated to read theirs (because I’m easily distracted & would probably forget if I wasn’t regularly logging into WordPress, which reminds me to go to Bloglovin, etc).
  • Being able to look back at what I’ve made in one place is very satisfying.
  • It’s encouraging me to write more, though not quite as much as I’d hoped.
  • Blogging is a good way to remind myself that I exist outside of work. I am lucky enough to enjoy my job, for which I’m grateful, but work could change at any time. I know what it’s like to have a part of your identity be taken away, or even just changed willfully, and how hard that can be. Realising my identity doesn’t come from just one place, like work, is really important.
  • Pastry & Purls encourages me to challenge myself. This year I’m participating in the Vintage Pledge and am also challenging myself to only make myself clothes.

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