Vogue 5096 update


My button-back blouse is coming along well, though unsurprisingly it’s not perfect. I had to make several adjustments because it was one size too big. I thought I might be able to get away with it, because it’s meant to fit fairly loosely, but unfortunately not. As you can see, I took out about an inch vertically in front. There was still awkward bubbling around the armholes, so I spent some time reading about fitting issues. It’s  hard to tell what they are when you know nothing about tailoring! Similar problems can be caused by completely different parts of the pattern, so finding the right one is a challenge. In this case, it seemed most likely that the armhole issue was caused by the difference between my bust and upper bust…don’t ask, I’m not sure I can explain what that means! The upshot is that I tucked out a small amount of fabric horizontally above the bust & it seems to have worked.P1030552P1030556

Once I was happy with the fit of the muslin (as you can see, I was lazy and didn’t include the sleeves) I went ahead and cut out the pieces. The majority of it is sewn up already. I’ve followed the pattern’s recommendation to make bound buttonholes. I was really nervous about these, but I’m fairly happy with them as a first attempt. I’ve no idea why I didn’t practice them on different fabric first. The edges aren’t very sharp, and the fabric doesn’t match up like it’s meant to. Oh, well. They won’t be that visible when the buttons are attached… And I did at least have the sense to work from the bottom up, so hopefully the more visible buttonholes are a bit better.


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