Wednesday yarn-along


The shawl is still dragging on, but I think I’m nearly done now. I’ve been sidelined by sewing so I’m going to blame this delay on my blouse! Isn’t the shawl pretty, though? I’m quite pleased with it so far.

What I’m reading: The Orchard of Lost Souls, by Nadifa Mohamed

This book was on display at my library last week, recommended by a member of staff. I admit I am a sucker for book recommendations. I don’t think I keep up-to-date enough to find new books on my own, so it’s often a case of randomly pulling things off shelves or following recommendations (or a combination of the two). The Orchard of Lost Souls is set in a war-torn Somalia and is not an easy read. It is the story of 3 Somalian women, and sadly full of brutal scenes, even though there are many beautiful descriptions as well. I am a huge fan of reading about new places, though, so this book is great from that perspective. Even though I haven’t finished it, I would say it’s definitely worth reading.

Linking up with the Yarn Along.

1 thought on “Wednesday yarn-along”

  1. In that tease of a picture of your shawl I can see that it does, indeed look like it’s going to be a pretty, lacy thing. :^) And the green yarn looks rich.


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