Yarning along

It’s Wednesday, so time for another Yarn Along.


I finally finished the shawl! I think it’s beautiful, but I haven’t had a chance to block it yet. I’ll share a picture once the recipient has it. I hope she likes it!I’m in between knitting projects at the moment, while I try to pick out what mitten pattern I want to make. I have picked this yarn from my stash. I bought it on a visit home shortly after I started learning to knit because it was on sale at a local yarn shop. Unfortunately they only had one ball of the red left, but I knew straightaway that I would someday use it for fair isle mittens. Weird, I know! It’s an interesting blend of nettles and wool, but isn’t scratchy at all.

I have a few books on the go at the moment. Happily, my library has The Subversive Stitch, which has turned out to be as interesting as I thought. I really regret not buying it when I spotted it in Mr. B’s. I can’t imagine I’ll be getting back to Bath anytime soon, though. 😦

Under the Dragon’s Tail was waiting for me at the bottom of my stairs when I came home the other day. It’d been donated to the shop R manages, so he bought it for me as a surprise. I discovered the TV version of Murdoch Mysteries while I was working part-time & am a little bit addicted now. It’s set in 19th century Toronto, and William Murdoch is an innovative detective who uses the most modern techniques, like fingermarks, etc, to solve murders. He also conveniently runs into various 19th century celebrities – W.C. Fields, Harry Houdini, Marconi, Tesla, and works with 2 female coroners. Cheesy, but I love it! I actually finished this book this afternoon, and I quite enjoyed it. It has a blurb on the back from Feminist Mystery Review, so I guess it was bound to be good.

The Matchmaker is my current bedtime reading, and I’m not very far into it. It was published in 1949, and has quite a lot of characters. I think I like it, but I’m still making up my mind.

1 thought on “Yarning along”

  1. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of The Matchmaker – I read another Stella Gibbons last year and was somewhat underwhelmed.


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