Dinos, elephants, and other big news

P1030827.JPGThis week has been great fun, as I’ve been knitting dinosaurs. RAWR! They’re presents for the various little ones in my life. I have to say these are the most fun thing I’ve knit in ages; I keep looking down and thinking, “Look at that tiny dinosaur leg!” and then chuckling to myself. I’ve made them half the size of the pattern by halving the number of stitches – this stegosaurus was supposed to be 30 cm, much too big for the 1-year-old it’s intended for. Also, part of the reason I went for making toys in the first place is that I wanted to use up some of the double knit yarn in my stash.

I’ve not been reading much recently, but I did squeeze in another Tom Cox book, The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society, the end of The Matchmaker, and am currently reading The Sense of an Elephant. Hm, that sounds like more than I thought…but they are all light hearted reads, apart from the last one. Some random thoughts:

  • I would like to meet Tom Cox’s cats, but also his dad, because he sounds awesome.
  • The Matchmaker was underwhelming. I really wanted to like it, but the plot wasn’t strong enough for me, nor were the characters people I liked. While a couple of lines were funny, overall I thought the book was a bit lacking in something indefinable. There were also interruptions from the writer (ala Jane Austen & the Bronte sisters), which didn’t really work in this context. I managed to finish it, and liked the very last page best out of the whole book. However, I could easily have not finished it & just forgotten about it. I may give Gibbons another go later, but I suspect she’s not for me.
  • The Sense of an Elephant is enjoyable so far. It revolves around Pietro, the concierge at an upscale Milan apartment building – his past and his relationships with the tenants. The writing’s nice, and I think the book has a good structure.

Finally, the big news. As of yesterday, R & I are homeowners! We got our keys yesterday and will be moving early next year. It’s not a big fancy house, or anything approaching our dream house, but when we started thinking about buying we realised quite quickly that a period home like we would have really wanted was out of our budget. Yes, maybe we could have gotten one that needed a lot of work, but neither of us have any experience of DIY & we were a little too intimidated (though I personally am hoping our next house, if there is one, will need an overhaul!). The one we’ve got is a sensible house with a good kitchen & enough space for us to live in for quite a while. Expect photos soon.

Update: linking this with the yarn-along.

8 thoughts on “Dinos, elephants, and other big news”

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the Tom Cox books. They’re very cheering! I really enjoyed Nightingale Wood by Stella Gibbons but have found other books by her to be rather hit and miss.

    So exciting about the house – you’ve completed in record time as well so hopefully it wasn’t too stressful ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thank you. The offer was accepted in October, but from what I hear 2 months is quite fast (even if it didn’t feel like it)! The sellers were in a hurry, so I guess we got lucky. I realised last week that the stress was like what I had in the build-up to the wedding — I felt fine, but was actually so anxious that my appetite went haywire & didn’t want to eat anything for weeks.


  2. This is amazing news! congratulations! When I bought my house I realised that the first home won’t ever be the dream home- I had to really compromise on area in order to afford something I liked. But there’ll be time enough to move on, and for the past 7 years I’ve been very happy here.


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