A considered life: a new series

Over Christmas I had a bit of a wobble about whether or not to continue Pastry & Purls; this winter has been awful for me in terms of mental health and my confidence in pretty much everything is extremely low. But when this has happened in the past, I found writing and contemplation  helpful, so I’ve decided to carry on for now.


Hence this new series, A Considered Life. Each month, I will take on an issue that matters to me. It might be to do with social justice (for example, feminism), environmental issues (for example, palm oil), or something slightly different (for example, volunteering). I hope this series will encourage me to think more about why I make the choices I do, but also to learn more about the issues addressed.

This series will, I hope, explain the slightly pretentious “conscious living” mentioned in my profile.  I’m not one to associate myself with movements (apart from feminism); it seems there are always aspects that make me uncomfortable & at heart I am moderate. While I admire the aims of eco living, green living, ethical living, etc, I know that if I tried to live a life entirely in line with these I would constantly feel guilty for failing. At the same time, the principles behind them matter to me & they have definitely influenced my lifestyle. I make things because I find pleasure in it, but also because I know I’m recycling, I know I’m being less of a consumer, I know what goes into my food, and so on. But I was raised by a scientist and morals are incredibly important to me, so the “why” behind my lifestyle really matters. So I guess that’s the basis of conscious living – thinking about the things that matter and making informed decisions.

Fingers crossed my readers like this idea, too, or I shall bore all of you! First post coming tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “A considered life: a new series”

  1. Glad you’re going to continue! Sorry you’ve been having a tough time, moving is stressful aside from everyone else. You are awesome though and I hope it all gets better soon. xxx


  2. Sorry to hear you were feeling down! It’s a good decision to continue writing. I hope things will get better. Looking forward to reading new series 🙂


  3. Sorry to hear that this winter hasn’t been kind to you so far. When I’m feeling low, blogging is almost always one of the first things that gets hit by my lack of confidence, so you’re certainly not alone.


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