A first meal: macaroni & cheese with leeks


Our beautiful new stove finally arrived at the end of January, after quite a bit of hassle. I won’t go into the details, but suffice it to say I was very relieved and grateful to have a stove again by the time it finally arrived! We’d gone for quite a posh one as there was an exceptionally good offer on. The delivery coincided with visits from friends and it was lovely to know I’d have a fully functional kitchen when they next stop by, even if I couldn’t offer them the usual homebaked goods the first time around. I hope the slight chaos was a prelude of things to come – it was nice to have a busy house for a couple of hours.


Leeks are the last thing left in our allotment, and as the allotment is now a 4-minute walk from my house, I was determined they would be used in whatever I cooked first with the new stove. I also wanted to use both the stove and the oven, so macaroni & cheese with leeks was the only choice, really. It was pretty delicious.

As you may know, I haven’t yet mastered the art of creating recipes. If you want to make your own, just saute some leeks (I used 3, but use more or less depending on how much you love leeks), make some cheese sauce (I recommend from scratch, of course, but really a packet would probably be fine), and boil some macaroni. Mix it all together in a baking dish. Bake at 180 for about 20 minutes, then crank up the heat to 200 for about 10 minutes to get the top nice & crispy.




3 thoughts on “A first meal: macaroni & cheese with leeks”

  1. Looks so delicious! Love mac and cheese and I have one recipe for mac and cheese and I made it in the cupcake tin. You might want to check it 🙂

    Please visit and follow my blog (www.lazymomcooking.wordpress.com) or my Instagram (lazymom_cooking) for some recipe ideas 🙂


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