Down at the plot: winter=damp

P1040205.JPGIt’s hard for me to think about the allotment in the winter, though judging by the tidy state of our neighbors’ plots, not everyone has the same problem. It has been a particularly awful winter for the allotment. Our shed blew over just before the beginning of the year, and was beyond repair. We’re still sourcing a new one. Luckily it’s not a huge problem now that we both live nearby, but it is annoying enough that persuading myself to go, drag tools, etc, isn’t easy.P1040199.JPG

Today I finally managed to do some allotment-related work. I walked to a nearby garden center & bought some Kestrel potatoes (we grew them last year & they were very tasty) and Golden Sunrise tomatoes (because yellow tomatoes are delicious). I then headed down to the allotment to prune our raspberries and grapevine. I wish I could just get rid of the grapevine, but I think it’s too well-established by now.P1040212.JPG

We really need to dig over the final third of our allotment if we have any hope of planting in it this year, but the soil is far too wet right now. It has been for weeks. I am not surprised; it was the same last year, but its still a huge disappointment. Maybe we’ll finally have some luck next week. At least it looks like things are still alive & growing.P1040211.JPGP1040218.JPG

2 thoughts on “Down at the plot: winter=damp”

  1. your leeks are looking gorgeous, I wish I could keep something going over the winter!!
    What are the leaves in the picture above the leeks? almost looks a bit like a fig leaf.


    1. Actually, those are the garlic. The few leeks we haven’t eaten yet are looking pretty beaten up at the moment. I’m not sure what the leaves are; they’re on a bush. They could be our josta berry, maybe.


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