Out and about in Birmingham

I’ve been up to Birmingham twice in the past week. While I work in the outskirts of Birmingham 2 days a week, I rarely make it into the city, so in my world this merits a blog post. P1040195 .

Last Friday, Mr. P & P and I went up to see Foals. We’ve been fans for years, but never managed to get around to seeing them live. They were immense (and played Balloons, hurrah!), but I haven’t been to an arena gig since  my first ever concert (Hanson in Chicago, many years ago) and am almost certain I won’t be going to one again. Really not my thing. I had no concept of how massive it would be, and how many people there would be.

During the day we went to Moseley, about 20 minutes from the city centre by bus. It was quite small, but had a couple of good charity shops and I got distracted enough to forget to take photos. Most distracting of all was Guthrie & Ghani. The shop belongs to Great British Sewing Bee finalist Lauren Guthrie and is full of wonderful things. I bought a pattern, and there also was a great selection of notions, books, yarn, and fabric. Oh, the fabric! The selection at Guthrie & Ghani outdid the selection in the city centre John Lewis by leaps and bounds. Admittedly, it is quite expensive…but I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s overpriced, as the quality of material is clear. The shop is definitely a destination worth pursuing, but it might be best if you go with a particular project or two in mind! Lauren also has a workshop space and there are regular day-long workshops run by her and a few others.


On Tuesday, I went back with a friend to go shopping for curtain fabric. The joys of a new house! Birmingham is awesome for fabric shopping, and I knew I’d be able to find something I liked at a reasonable price in the Rag Market.


We started our afternoon with lunch at the Warehouse Cafe, a vegetarian cafe which made both non-vegetarian me and my vegan friend happy.


Then it was on to, ahem, a few hours of indecision and shopping. Honestly, I wasn’t entirely convinced I’d find something as I’m super picky and also a little bit stingy. Thrifty, I mean, I’m thrifty… But in the end I did buy two fabrics, one for our future library (who needs a second bedroom when you can have a room dedicated to books, after all?) and one for our bedroom.




Unfortunately now that they’re at home I think I’ve decided I don’t like the blue & red. What do you think? The green fabric is for a skirt. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Out and about in Birmingham”

  1. Thomas and I keep saying we want to visit Birmingham (it’s less than an hour on the train from Leicester, after all) so thanks for the tip about the veggie cafe.

    Also, totally with you on stadium gigs – I hate them. I refuse to put myself through it even for She-Who-Must-Be-Worshipped (aka Beyonce). Last time I saw Foals was on the main stage at Latitude festival about 6 years ago and they were amazing! Balloons, Hummer, Cassius… all the classics! I pushed myself to the front of the stage amongst all the youngsters – probably the last time I ever ventured near a mosh pit!


    1. I must admit Birmingham’s not my favourite city; it’s pretty industrial, which is not at all my thing. But there are some very cool hidden gems there (I’m biased, because I found my wedding dress there, in a shop down the road from where my father-in-law learned to dance), so it’s definitely worth a visit. I hope you find time to go soon!


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