Yarn along

Is it really Wednesday already? Has your week been as quick as mine?


I’d never heard of this book until I saw it on Amy’s blog.  It seemed like an appropriate choice to start off Women’s History Month, though, so I picked it up from my local library last week. I’m used to reading more academic non-fiction, but the writing’s good & the notes/bibliography are thick enough to persuade me that Eig’s done his research. I’m learning a lot and enjoying it as well. Also, this is a fun book to read in public. I dress quite conservatively & quite enjoy the look of surprise on people’s face when they see I’m reading this. I am hoping I will have opportunities to put my new knowledge to use soon!


I’m still working on the Kokkeluri mittens. Yes, I’m a very slow knitter! It’s because I don’t knit at home very much, but more often on the train to/from work. I’m happy with my progress so far, though, and really love the fabric.

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