Nice things

Sometimes a list of happy little things is enough to merit a blog post, so here are some of the nice things I have noticed or been grateful for recently.


  • Friends  & cake. I’ve been in the UK for 7 years now, and it’s only in the past year or two that I’ve started to feel like I have close friends over here. There’s no better weekend than one spent catching up with a friend over tea (or hot chocolate!) and cake. A friend & I shared this lemon & blackberry cake last weekend.


  • Right after that cake, I saw this perfect fabric. It is exactly what I want for our bedroom curtains! Alas, it is too expensive (£22/metre), but I am happy it exists. I am also glad I have the luxury of deciding it’s too expensive, because there are times I wouldn’t have even bothered having a very long internal debate about whether I can afford it.


  • Spotted this guy above someone’s driveway while taking a walk. Genius!


  • Tea, technology, and cookbooks. I spent part of Sunday Skyping with my mom, drinking out of one of my vintage teacups, and thinking about food. This is a pretty standard part of the weekend for me, and I love it.


  • Getting settled. I have to be honest & say that the new house isn’t quite feeling like home yet. This weekend, though, I finally got around to unpacking my fabric. Huzzah! I think once I’ve finally managed to make something here it’ll automatically feel more like home.


  • The tomato plant I bought is growing. I love watching it get bigger, but not quite as much as I love the smell of the leaves. Weird, I know.


  • Music, including the song that inspired the title of this post:

What little things have you been noticing recently?


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