Welcoming spring


Isn’t it glorious to finally have some sunshine? We had beautiful weather last weekend, especially on Sunday. I put our laundry outside to dry for the first time ever & it was so exciting! Spring is my favorite season, and I’m planning to embrace it in several ways:

  • I’m on the hunt for white eggs to dye for Easter. I don’t suppose any of my readers know which chicken breeds lay them?
  • Daffodils are really cheap, and I’m buying as many as I can to brighten up the house. They’re like little balls of sunshine.
  • Watching the lambs frolic as I go past them on my way to work. They look so happy .
  • Watching buds open. One of my favorite things ever is seeing something so tiny, closed and dull open up into something bright and beautiful. In spring I always try to stop and examine as many buds as I can, because I never know what I’ll see unfurling.
  • Eating less soup & more salad. Yum, fresh food!

What are you doing to welcome spring? Do you have any favorite spring traditions?

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