More reading than knitting

Hello! If you’re reading this, thank you for sticking around. 🙂 I’ve been pretty erratic with my blogging recently. I can offer no excuses apart from having a lot on my mind.

This year has been rubbish for crafts so far; I haven’t actually managed to finish anything yet. I did finish the first of my mittens, though, and should finish the other in the next few days. P1040312.JPG

At the moment I’m reading Green Dolphin Country by Elizabeth Goudge. Goudge is, I think, a classic children’s author, but I’ve never read anything by her. Green Dolphin Country is an epic novel that follows the lives of two sisters, and is set across the Channel Islands and New Zealand. I was a bit unsure of this book at first, but I am now wholly emotionally invested & struggling to put it down (which is saying something, because it’s massive!)

I’ve been doing loads of reading this year, and hopefully will get around to sharing some of my favourites so far very soon. In the meantime, I’ve finally joined Goodreads & will probably be adding some of them shortly. Come find me & encourage me to stick with it – I often join sites with the best of intentions and totally fail to use them. Do you use Goodreads? Do you like it?

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