FO: Kokkeluri mittens

The mittens are finally finished, just in time to share them for a Wednesday Yarn Along. I am really happy with them. For once, I will have something to look forward to in the winter!

P1040367.JPGI should say that the reason these took so long was nothing to do with the pattern itself. Kate Davies clearly spent a lot of time designing them & writing clear instructions. But when you only knit on the train, it’s bound to take a little while to finish a project, regardless of size. These mitten instructions were easy to follow, and the chart was absolutely brilliant. I also love that there’s a list of links to videos for the particular techniques used throughout the book (Buachaille). I did struggle a little bit with the yarn I used, though, as it wasn’t very well spun & kept getting caught.



As for the reading part of the Yarn Along, I just finished reading The Memory Keeper’s Daughter for a book club I participate in at work. The novel starts in 1964, with a doctor giving away his daughter (a twin) who was born with Down’s Syndrome. That sounds like a huge spoiler, but actually that is about as much as is given away in the Goodreads synopsis, so I don’t feel too guilty! The rest of the book follows the lives of the two children, the doctor, his wife, and the woman who raises the little girl for the next 25 years. To be honest, I was dreading reading this as I thought it was going to be saccharine & overly sentimental, but was pleasantly surprised. Instead it was genuinely moving, and was about secrets, connections, forgiveness, and human nature. The portrayal of Down’s Syndrome was exceptionally good, and the characters were well-rounded in general.


5 thoughts on “FO: Kokkeluri mittens”

  1. These are beautiful! You are so skilled to do something so intricate! I cannot knit to save my life!!!
    THANK you for such a nice comment you left on my 11th Blogiversary post- that means alot to me (esp. because you love the cloud posts!!!). Don’t be nervous that you have nothing to say- anything you say is relevant and good, because you said it!!! I leave all sorts of waffly or short comments on blogs!!!


    1. Thanks. I’m sure I will comment again in the future. Knitting is all about practice, but some people just don’t enjoy it. You have lots of other outlets for your creativity, from the look of your blog!


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