Sci fi, Blue Willow, and more plans

Happy Wednesday! I’m always surprised when Wednesday arrives; the week always seems to pass quicker than I expect.


At the moment, I’m reading The Dreams Our Stuff is Made Of. It’s very interesting, as you’d expect, but not quite what I expected it to be. At times, I’ve found the author’s political opinings really obnoxious (particularly when they don’t match up with my views/experiences), but he does seem to be cynical and misanthropic toward all parties. I am going to wait until I’ve finished the whole thing before I pass judgment.

I ordered the white yarn for my Blue Willow jumper tonight, but I already had this blue yarn in my stash so I’ll be using it. I don’t know when I start, but as I’m going home in 2 weeks and will have lots of knitting time, it’ll definitely be before then.

I’m also starting a super-secret project for a friend’s baby. I can’t share any details, unfortunately, but suffice it to say it will be extremely adorable.

Speaking of presents, do you have any ideas for great wedding presents? I always like making personal presents, but am struggling to think of ideas for a friend who’s getting married at the end of May. Maybe a heart-shaped piece of string art, taking inspiration from Flossie Teacakes? Or an embroidered cushion?

Linking up with the Yarn Along – feel free to leave a comment to say what you’re making or reading!




3 thoughts on “Sci fi, Blue Willow, and more plans”

  1. I’ve never heard of that book but I think I will look it up 🙂 I like science fiction but I have found that authors in that genre have a lot more opinions to share that others. Perhaps thats the nature of the genre but I find it grating too. jenny xx


    1. Yes, the author does make the point that there are a lot of extremes in the genre. I guess that proves his thesis, though, because the polarities described are really the kind of polarities now reflected in American politics (and others, but especially American). *ends polemic* Definitely a thought-provoking book if nothing else.


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