Blue willow & Potter


Hello. If you’re reading this, thanks for sticking around. My trip home was wonderful, and I’ve got a couple of posts lined up, including one about the Van Gogh bedroom exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago. Shortly after I got back I went to Warner Brothers Studios to celebrate my 30th, which definitely merits a post (though I’ll try to make sure I don’t overshare in case you haven’t been). I’m also way behind on my A Considered Life series…rest assured I haven’t forgotten about this & will be trying to catch up over the next couple of weeks.

But back to this week. I didn’t make nearly as much progress on my sweater as I thought I would while I was away. It’s also not as good as I’d like – I initially misjudged the tension, so it is a little bubbled. I am cautiously optimistic that will be taken care of when I block it, though. Overall the jumper is okay right now, and I’ve worked out a way to make sure the tension stays consistent, by trying to keep the knitting as flat as possible while I’m working.

Now that I’m back, I’m also back on Harry Potter. I do love Goblet of Fire, so it’s particularly nice to be rereading it. Dragons for the win!

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6 thoughts on “Blue willow & Potter”

  1. Oh yes, I like Goblet of Fire although in some ways,I love Half Blood Prince more (except for the big shock). Your knitting is looking great! Happy 30th!xx


    1. Thank you. πŸ™‚ I’m not sure I could pick a favorite, but Half Blood Prince is probably even more dramatic than Goblet of Fire. Goblet of Fire is definitely where the tone of the series starts to shift, though.


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